Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Welcome to Postcard Poetry

Welcome to Postcard Poetry!

I have been mulling this idea around for a while now, and have finally decided to take action on it. I love to write poetry, and I love to create art, but I am always a little self conscious presenting my poetry to the world. I wanted to provide a forum where people could combine the two and share them with the world, while remaining anonymous. When thinking of size requirements I originally considered 8.5x11, but was afraid that it would make it difficult for people to send their art at a reasonable price without having to fold and damage their work. So, I took a hint from the fabulous site PostSecret and decided on the more economical postcard size.

You are encouraged to write about anything, use any medium. Standard postcard size ranges from 3.5”x5” to 4.5”x6”. All postcards should be handmade, and should not include copyrighted images or previously published poetry. If you are afraid your design will be damaged in the mail (an assemblage or collage) or would rather your postal worker not spy on your art, you’re welcome to send them enclosed in an envelope.

Please mail your postcards to:

Postcard Poetry
CO Valorie Shearfield
3210 Fallmeadow #222A
Denton, TX 76207